Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cleveland Marathon Stats

I'll post pictures and a race report later but here are the numbers:

Official time: 3:54:22

Overall Placing: 656 out of 2228
Gender Placing: 110 out of 733
Age Placing: 23 out of 95

I beat my last marathon time by 12 minutes. I didn't qualify but there's always next time, right?


Brett S. said...

Wow great job. I must have just missed you. Finished the half in 1:50 so I guess you were just behind me at the split (I dropped a few minutes in the last miles).

Glad to see you blog.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Maria! I still pay homage to you o running goddess!

Tammy said...

Great finish, Maria!

You'll get it next time!

Inca Princess said...

Maria you fucking rock! I'm so proud of you!

Yasmin said...

Whoo hoo! and you got to meet Viv. I'm uber jealous.

Yasmin said...

Whoo hoo! and you got to meet Viv. I'm uber jealous.

Viv said...

You are the best, Maria!!
Words can't express how fantastic it was to watch you cross that finish line. I believe your BQ is in Houston Baby. With Patron to celebrate :-)

tony said...

Incredible time and PR for you, Maria! Really happy for you! You definitely have a BQ in your future when you are still improving by 14 minutes... that's great! Your hard work is paying off!

Pier said...

wooohooo my sister!!!

you make me so proud!!!!

Hot Nerd said...

I'm with Viv. It was so amazing to watch you cross the finish line with such a smile on your face. I can't describe how proud I am of you.

So when we going to Houston for the BQ race?

Sensationally Red said...

Maria...You did simply awesome. You looked like you were finishing up a three mile jog in the park and not a sub four hour marathon!! Wow! About freaking time you posted something!