Saturday, January 5, 2008


I woke up feeling as though I wanted to keep sleeping. For as much as I love running, I love sleeping more so dragging my sorry ass outta bed that early in the morning is a feat all by itself. But I did it and got to Boston store with enough time to squeeze into Bob's truck along with Red and mutter a few words in regards to my current state.

There were quite a few different groups that showed up so there were plenty of paces to pick from. I attempted to keep up with E-Speed and her group but that just wasn't possible...I hung in for a while but realized that if I were going to make it the whole way I'd be better off conserving my energy. She and her friends are F-A-S-T! But at least they're not snobby about it (too bad I can't say that for all the runners out there).

The weather and the trail were just about perfect except for a few icy spots...this is the kind of winter running I love! I can only hope for a duplicate of today come race day.

Our resident redheads, Red & Bob, stuck together most of the way and I got a chance to run with Roger, whom I always love running with and Don, who I haven't had the pleasure of running with before. Our pace was really comfortable and we all just kind of fell into place and enjoyed the silence around us. Don't get me wrong, I love the chatting that goes on when E or Red are around but sometimes its also nice to just inhale your surroundings with no other distractions. Certain runs just feel magical and this was one of them. I had only planned on doing 16 miles but after going over the options with Don & Roger I decided to stick it out and go the extra two with them.


Sensationally Red said...

Hey, I don't chat nearly as much a E-speed. She never stops-her fast legs or her mouth! I'm glad you had a nice quiet run. It was so nice out there and now look at it--mud fest for sure.

Maria said...

No you definitely don't Red ☺ It just amazes me that she keeps such a fast pace while talking...I can throw in a few things here and there while I'm plugging along but after that I get so winded. That girl is a machine, I tell ya! LOL!

Mudfest just reminds me of that other run we did together-yikes!

tony said... happy for you! Glad the running is going so well for you! You are really making a STRONG comeback and will have a great
BT50K and 2008 running year!

Kim said...

GREAT Run! So you are planning for the BT 50K? I'm not running it, as I have my Rocky Raccoon 100 mile the next weekend, and would be afraid I would hurt myself. I am hoping to come up and volunteer so I can see everyone!

Viv said...

You totally deserved that magical run! I am so happy you have come through your injury and looking super stong for the 50K!

E-Speed said...

Nice job out there! It was good to see you, I am glad you are getting back into the swing of things!

E-Speed said...

ps you girls would have been amazed at my Monday run. I think I may have eeked out 4 sentences. Apparently a good hard tempo run on the road after a night out of drinking is the key to shutting me up.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

18 Miles! Way to go. I like the sleep option as much as possible. We runners like to start early and those are the days I am sleepy for some reason.

Bob said...

Maria, you definitely kicked it up a notch on Saturday and looked strong!

Way to go!!!